The android is dominating the entire market and the development of mobility market is growing gradually and the usage of smartphone has been increased a lot. This open source platform has huge benefits in all sectors and most of the companies releasing their android apps frequently in Play store as well as they are getting more profit with the android apps.

The android apps play a vital role in all areas such as hospitals, finding jobs, booking all tickets and more. Since the apps are available in the play store people can easily install the apps in their smartphones. Using the android apps, we can easily connect the people to our business and this is one of the latest method of promoting a business.

There are so many apps available in the play store some of them are very useful and many apps are created for entertainment. It eases the work of the people so the premium applications are charged for downloading and installing from the play store. In recent the government also launched some of the android application for Ration card update, Aadhar card update, EB bill payment and more to benefit the people where you can update personal details from home itself.

Likewise, the printing is one of the most creative field and the technology has been improved with the latest printing called 3D printing. 3D printing is trending everywhere. There is no way to reach the customer in this most competitive world to sustain our printing and binding business. In the printing world there are more shops for book binding in sivakasi but to attract the people we have to implement our creativity with the latest technology to achieve profit in the business.

3D printing has been implemented in all areas and mostly in all business sectors. The 3D printing process allows the creation of parts or tools through additive manufacturing at rates much lower than traditional machining. You can build the imagination with the help of 3D printing and it allows you to manufacture with greater creativity.

The 3D printing apps allows you to print instantly from your mobile devices. Let us see the most important android apps in the market for 3D printing.


This app is so popular among the engineers helped them to prepare the design from the smartphone and queued them up for printing. In this app we can able to monitor the progress of printing and the activity of 3D printers.


The app is designed to work with Octoprint service. You can start and stop the printer with specific jobs from anywhere using this app. Also, you can check the log errors, warnings or other information through this app. Using this app, you can connect to multiple printers at the same time.


3D modelling and printing are now very easy with the Tinkerplay app. You can create your own 3D models with this app by following the instructions or you can choose it from library. You can also test the model or design that you created before printing.