Four Types of Tires For Your UTV


When it comes to outfitting your UTV with the right equipment, it’s a good idea to start with the tires. Choosing the right UTV tires ensures that you get the performance that you want. Below is more information about these types of tires and how they can benefit you.

Mud Tires

As the name suggests, mud tires are designed to help your UTV get around in the mud. They’re much wider than standard tires to disperse dirt and mud easier. The tread on mud tires can also be between 1 and 2 inches deep for better grip. Mud tires are made from stiffer rubber than traditional tires as well. The stiffer rubber grips mud better than normal terrain.

Sand Tires

Driving in sand is no easy feat, but UTV sand tires can help. The first thing that people notice about sand tires is their paddle-like tread. Getting traction on sand is much like moving on water, and the paddle-like tread gives UTVs the most traction possible. Some sand tires may be completely bare without any tread. While having no tread makes it harder to gain momentum, these types of tires allow UTVs to glide across sand without sinking. The tires are also much lighter than other tires, again, to keep the UTV from sinking.

Hard Terrain Tires

If you drive your UTV across rocks or hard terrain, then you want hard terrain tires. These tires feature deep grooves with tight tread patterns. They may have 4-, 6- and 8-ply ratings. This improves the overall strength of the tires and keeps rocks from puncturing the sidewalls.

Racing Tires

If you like to go fast on your UTV or are thinking about racing, then you need racing tires. These types of tires set themselves apart from others on this list because of their knob tread design. The tires, much like sand tires, are extremely lightweight. They’re all about speed and giving you maximum traction.

Get the most out of your UTV by buying the right tires to fit the activities in which you want to engage. Whether it’s racing, mudding or just getting from point A to point B, there are tires designed with your needs in mind.