CCNA Training Exam is the most valued and reliable computer courses to fetch a lucrative job. It is considered as the top IT security certification. Additionally, Cisco Course is also the best way to boost professional career and to get higher paying jobs.

Who should go for CCNA Exam and Course?

CCNA Course is perfect for those students who are looking to make a good career in hardware and networking industry. The individual can get a good understanding of configuring, operating and troubleshooting the switches and routers by passing the exam on the first attempt. After the completion of CCNA certification Course, an individual is capable to work on switches and routes.

Before getting started, you should have a clear understanding of the Cisco CCNA course:

CCNA Syllabus and Topic-wise Weightage

The CCNA certification Course is designed to provide in-depth training in the field of hardware and networking. Here are the breakdown and weight of each topic:

Topic Weightage In CCNA Exam
IP Routing 26%
LAN Switching and Technologies 21%
Network Device Security 15%
Troubleshooting 13%
IP Addressing 11%
IP Services 8%
Operation of IT networks 6%

Complexity Level, Duration and Number of Questions

The CCNA exam contains different TCP/IP and routing questions. The questions are majorly focused on real-time issues. The entire exam contains 50-60 questions and must be completed in 1.5 hours.

Best Study and Preparation Tips for CCNA Students

Even if you are prepared well, it is significant to practice the online questions. Answering all the questions in a short time span can be challenging. CCNA certification in the first attempt is difficult, until you have prepared really well for it. The individual should have a good study schedule to secure good marks in the exam.

Here are some effective study tips to clear CCNA Certification Exam:

  • Get practical Knowledge

It is crucial to get both theoretical and practical experience to secure passing score in the CCNA exam. Once you start preparing for the exam, implement the theoretical information in the real world scenario, you will have a clear understanding of troubleshooting and dealing with the network problems.

Practice the course materials and deeply understand all the exercises. With repeated practice, you will be able to troubleshoot quickly. This will also polish your skills.

  • Practice Online Questions

CCNA course is a global course and you can look for several helpful websites which can provide sample practice questions. Additionally, you can search for online question banks and solve the question to sharpen your skills. You can also watch learning videos and make noted to brush your skills.

  • Refresh your Skills Before Exam

Refreshing your memory with the practice questions will also help you to cover the skipped potions. Once the preparation is done, allocate enough time to solve questions by looking for mock test papers in online. The best recommendation is to reread the Cisco Press books before giving the test online.

  • Refer Glossaries for Definitions

Your books come with a glossary page, refer it and memorize all the important keywords related to the network security. This will help you to answer the questions during the exam, the glossary and definition will help you to familiarize the terminology.

  • Search for Online Exam Formats

Before giving the examination, it is must for you to know the questions and mark breakdown. You can also find exam formats online and this will help you to crack the exam effectively.

Conclusive Tip for CCNA Aspirants

The CCNA exam is an excellent way to open the doors for several networking job opportunities. With the help of proper training from a good institute like Koenig-solutions, you will surely be able to succeed in first go.

With good preparation, you can easily set yourselves a networking expert globally. On the other hand, the Cisco Certification Course will provide you more exposure then your non-certified colleagues if you are already employed.