Everyone talks about how certification helps an individual in progressing in their career and about all the benefits an individual receives by doing a certification. Yes, they also say that recruiters prefer candidates with certifications. There is no information on why do employers prefer people with certifications and when it comes to certifications from Microsoft, a reputed and globally recognized certificate.  While many people talk about how a certification can increase your value and give you high salaries, no one talks about why recruiters would prefer to give the people with higher salary and still want to employ them when they can get employees without certifications and give them a lesser salary instead.

What benefit do the employers get from employing candidates with Microsoft certifications?

  1. Technology drives business: Research shows that most of the companies feel that they are unable to fill their job positions with correct skills and this affects the productivity and security. This leads to decrease in business success. Gap in IT skills lead to under utilization of resources which in turn leads to loss in business. That is why many recruiters look out for professionals with Microsoft certifications or are ready to train their staff in attaining the certificate.
  2. Knowledge: Surveys show that companies with Microsoft certified professionals have proven to have greater productivity in handling helpdesk functions and also have shorter downtime with servers. This shows that Microsoft certifications provide a sound knowledge of the subject and someone who takes it up can be very useful for the organization’s growth.
  3. Job oriented certification: Apart from increasing the productivity and performance of the certified professionals in their jobs, Microsoft certified professionals can also help their team members in enhancing their skill set. They can guide a team to success by suggesting the right path or helping out with effective solutions. This increases the overall productivity of the team and hence increases performance of the organization as a whole.
  4. Advantage: Some client organizations mandate certification for their projects and Microsoft certifications provide that extra advantage over their competitors and can help in bagging those precious projects. This is the most advantageous of all, as clients can trust the company with their projects as they believe that they cannot go wrong with teams who have the qualified Microsoft Certified professional in it. This works in favor of the organization as the team can help in bringing in more clients to them.
  5. Return on Investment: Statistics prove that Microsoft certified professionals are able to utilize their skills effectively to come up with effective solution which saves a lot of money. It gives the company a better return on their investment.

These are few benefits that an employer gets by recruiting a Microsoft certified professional. While these may seem very less in number, the overall advantage that a company gets is incredible. With certified professional comes a plethora of knowledge and skills sets which can be utilized by the company to their advantage. Right usage of the skills will show the results very soon.

Many organizations feel the necessity to train the staff in their organization with the relevant Microsoft certifications, as this would be more cost effective and also lead to retaining a staff for a longer period. When people feel important it increases their job satisfaction and helps people to increase their productivity. Companies are ready to invest in getting their staff trained in Microsoft certifications as they believe this gives them the opportunity to enhance their skills and in turn in the growth of the company. The overall return for the company outweighs the initial investment that a company makes to train their staff.