Summer will be here before you know it. It’ll also be gone before you know it if you’re not careful. Don’t let the season pass you by unawares. Be prepared for the best summer yet with the hottest tech. From the latest iPhone skin designs to a waterproof e-reader, you’re covered for anything your vacation can throw at you when you have the following tech.

1. A rapid beverage cooler

What’s worse than cracking open a cold one with the boys only to realize it’s not cold at all? Your answer would be waiting the 40 minutes while it chills in the freezer.You may file this one under first-world problems, but a tepid beer on a hot day is revolting. Prevent this from happening the next time you host the summer BBQ by investing in the Cooper Cooler. This little guy flash-freezes cans and bottles of your favorite brew, taking them from 77°F to 43°F in as little as one minute. Its specialized chilling technology cools drinks down 90 times faster than if you stuck them in a fridge, letting you indulge in ice-cold beer, coolers, or wine without wasting any time.

2. A black camo iPhone skin

If your summer plans consist of back-to-back camping trips, the newest iPhone X skins from dbrand should get you extra excited for your trips to the woods. Black camo made its debut this spring and is ready to disguise all the smudges that you can never buff out of your iPhone X’s beautiful glass body. Fingerprints, or what the company calls “your disgusting human hand oils”, will be a thing of the past. Look closely at the pattern and you’ll see the dark, medium, and light parts of the camo are individually texturized. Not only does this add visual intrigue to your new iPhone skin, but it adds considerable grip. This will come in handy when you want to snap a selfie on the trails without dropping your X.

3. A waterproof wireless speaker

Nothing says summer like listening to tunes while you work on your poolside tan. But a lazy, sun-filled day in the backyard can be a challenge when you have to MacGyver your living room stereo to blast your summer playlist from the window. Keep things simple with Sony’s SRS-XB41, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can take to the pool. It’s an amazing speaker that delivers an exceptional audio experience, even when submerged completely. Its 58-millimeter audio drivers are fully waterproof and come with extra bass and live sound profiles. It also has built-in multicolor strobe lights when you’re ready to make the transition from a hazy afternoon with Vance Joy to a late-night party with Cardi B, making it the perfect addition for any occasion.

4. An adventure-proof camera

If you’re an action sports hobbyist, you have epic summer plans that include parasailing, rock climbing, and surfing. Though your X has a fantastic camera when compared to other smartphones, it doesn’t stand up to adventure like the GoPro Hero6 can. It’s designed with rough handling in mind, so you don’t have to worry about it accompanying you on your next trip. It also comes with the latest GP1 tech — a processor that’s faster than anything before it, capable of capturing 4K footage at 60 frames-per-second. Whether you use it for a once-in-a-lifetime skydive or you strap it on during your regular mountain bike trip, the Hero6 is perfect for whatever action you get up to this summer.

5. A beach-proof kindle

If you’re more likely to be working on your tan at the beach, then forget about an adventure camera and pick up the Kindle Oasis. The waterproof e-reader has a 7-inch 300-dpi screen to provide clear and easy reading wherever you are — whether at the beach or in bed. It also boasts a waterproof rating of IPX8, which means it can take a 60-minute swim in under two meters of water. Though you won’t be able to deep sea dive to get a feel for the setting of Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, you’ll be safe on the beach if you misjudge the tides. In any case, it’s certainly a lot more reliable than Jeff Bezos’ ad hoc suggestion of using a Ziploc bag.

Be prepared for the hottest season with these sizzling gadgets. Whether you choose just one or outfit yourself will all five, there’s no wasting the season. These tech items will help you experience summer to its full potential.