When you have a great idea but none of the capital needed to back it, it can be a challenge to make your dream startup a trademarked and registered reality. Some people would take it as a sign to pack it all in, but those who have the entrepreneurial spirit would say you just need to work harder.

If you’re not content to shelve your great idea until cash comes along, establishing your startup will take a lot of effort. It will also take the ability to multi-task. While most of your focus will be on the business, you can’t forget about your personal finances when you’re broke. By keeping one eye on your personal checkbook, you’ll be in a better position to chase your dream for as long as it takes to achieve it. Make it easy for yourself by checking in with these simple yet frugal tips.

Bank differently

Banking fees, in addition to ATM charges and other costs associated with traditional banking services, are a deceptive drain on your finances. The biggest banks in the country have normalized these charges, and many consumers believe they have no choice but to pay as much as $15 for using a basic checking account. Those who can’t pay these fees or meet other requirements wrongly assume they’re prohibited from these opportunities.

Luckily, there’s a rising number of fintech companies offering a cheaper and more convenient alternative to these conventional services. It’s easy to switch to a mobile bank like Chime or Simple and avoid these fees and restrictions by opening an online checking or savings account.

Plan for emergencies

If you live paycheck to paycheck, what could be a simple financial setback to some people can create a devastating emergency for you. Like when you clear out your savings to pay for a business expense, only to lose your new phone. As an entrepreneur, you can’t go without a phone, but even a refurbished mobile can cost a lot of money and some experts don’t recommend it. A cash advance loan is often your only solution when faced with an expensive new phone. Unfortunately, thanks to the bank’s strict criteria, you can’t get a cash loan through conventional means.

When you’re facing an emergency, the best way to get a payday loan is to go through an online lender. Online lenders like MoneyKey are an emerging alternative to traditional banking services. They remove many of the bureaucratic red tape that can restrict people like you from getting help that you need.

Get help with an app

When you’re burning the candle at both ends, it may be a challenge to remember you’re keeping a budget — especially if you have it saved as an Excel file hidden somewhere on your desktop. Before you know it, you can hit the drive-thru or pick up some not-quite necessary toiletries on your way home, both of which push you over the edge.

A money management app can help bring your budget to the forefront of your mind. It mobilizes your budget by keeping it on your phone. Some, like Mint and You Need A Budget (YNAB), send out notifications warning you when you’re close to overspending in any of your categories. If you take heed of their warning, you can stop yourself from accidentally spending too much on things you don’t need.

When you’re busy generating hype for your startup, you don’t always have a lot of energy or time to spare on your personal finances. But when they’re the only reason why you can work so hard, it’s important your give them the attention they deserve. Start small, with habits that simplify your job, and you’ll be able to pursue your dream.