As the technology is seeing revolutionary steps and making our lives easier, there are several side effects as well. The volume of solid wastes, harmful gases and other types of waste is increasing. There is millions of tons of solid waste which is affecting our ecology. Now the scientists all across the globe are developing environment friendly technology, also known as green tech. All the developed countries in the world are gradually moving to the green tech while dumping the conventional tech.

There are hundreds of examples of the environment friendly technology which is doing no or less harm to our ecological system. There are major steps being taken to convert to the safe ways to get our tasks done without harming environment in any way. The major examples of green technology are:

Solar Power: Almost all the developed and developing countries are now using solar energy as their daily life energy supply. Different countries has invested billions of dollars in installing solar panels so they could use the solar energy without using conventional sources like fuel burning, coal power plants and gas plants. This is a huge step towards the safe energy policy and to restore the environmental damage.

Wind Energy: Wind energy is being used as a major source of energy in many developed countries. Wind energy is cheapest source of energy and it is 100% environment friendly. Developed countries like Denmark, China, Netherlands, Germany, US and several others are using wind energy as a major source of energy. Denmark gets more than 40% of its energy from the wind. Experts say that wind energy has a potential to fulfil energy requirements of whole world if it is used properly.

Electric cars: Electric or hybrid cars have gained popularity in all over the world in the past decade. Now all the major motor manufacturing companies shifting towards electric cars or at least hybrid cars. These cars use electric power as a source of energy. It is a major step towards ditching the petrol and diesel engine cars. Auto vehicles account for most of the environmental pollution in the world that is why it is necessary to move most of the vehicles towards green tech.

Rechargeable batteries: Rechargeable batteries are another example of green tech. The rechargeable batteries like lithium ion, NiMH, NiCd, lead-acid batteries are now being extensively used in smartphones, laptops, and several other electronic devices. These batteries are the best example of reusable technology. One rechargeable battery is replacement of a thousand non-rechargeable batteries. Thus, reducing the solid waste by thousand times.

There is a huge trend towards using the green energy as primary source of energy for many things. This does not just stop at that because scientist are working day and night to reduce the consumption of energy by making energy efficient and power efficient devices. Now the cars are made fuel efficient, LED bulbs have taken place of conventional bulbs, LED screens have replaced the CRT monitors and the list goes on. These inventions has reduced the energy consumption by half. But there is still a lot more to do because energy demand is still rising all around the globe.