If you are looking to start a new business, this article is for you!

Why don’t you start a pay per call marketing business which offer much flexibility and great profit margin? Here in this article, we are going to share the top five reasons why you should start a pay per call consulting business just now.

Again, what kind of business you will start in consulting will depend on your expertise area or the kind of solution you have.

Especially these pay per call business become even more important when now most of the population around the world own a phone. The rate in the USA is even more with around 95% population.

Let’s start and see what the major reasons behind this consulting business are-

Run your business remotely

This is the biggest benefit I find with the pay per call business where you don’t have to set up your office or any such thing. Attend the calls from where you are. All you need is a good network with the phone where you will receive the calls.

The major reason behind the consulting business is, you usually provide them the way and actually, you don’t work for them. And so, the best in this category comes like a life coach, career consulting, job consulting etc.

Set your own business hours

As this is your own business and so you can set when you want to receive the calls. But this much depends on the area you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting the US region then you may need to follow the CST or EST schedule but still, you will have the flexibility to select the timing duration as per your choice.

Decide the size of the business

You can decide on what scale you are willing to run your business. For example, if you just want to attend 5 calls per day, you can simply do that. Just join any pay per call networks and scale at a lower level. The best thing is whenever later on if you want to scale it up, simply start getting more calls by spending more on the leads.

Low-cost setup

Starting a pay per call consulting business is not costly as well. All you need to do is register with any pay per call network and start promoting your campaigns. Later you may need the call tracking software which you can use for better tracking. That’s all and you can start a full-fledged business with these resources.

Easy to promote

Even it is quite easy to promote. First, you will start getting calls from the pay per call network where you will advertise and pay for the calls received. Later if you want to make a brand of your business, you may start your brand name promoting on social media or print media to gain some authority.


These were the top 5 reasons why pay per call business consulting is one of the best business for you to do now. Decide your area and start with the pay per call campaign easily.