The competition that exists in the smartphone world makes the second-hand market popular. Many used phones are sold almost new, with little use.

In this market there are many quite new, powerful and good-looking mobiles, but this is not always the case. Here are the keys not to be victims of fraud on the Internet to Buy Second Hand iPhone.

Status of the smartphone

The first thing to keep in mind is that the housing and battery of the Smartphone is removable because if they are much worn they can be changed. Although it is advisable to ask the seller to disassemble the phone to check that it is in good condition and that there is no accumulation of dust or water. To check if the phone is wet there are some that are made with materials sensitive to moisture so you can check the color of the terminal how the device is.

Reliability of the trade in which the purchase is made

The second guideline is to make the purchase in a specialized second-hand shop so that it is guaranteed that the Smartphone is legal and that it has not been stolen. Normally these shops also guarantee the return if you do not convince the purchase or your terminal is damaged.

Another thing to keep in mind is the reference or the positive votes that the registered user has on the web about his sales service. Negotiating with the seller is also essential to address the conditions in the event that the mobile fails the first few days.

Review quality price

In the second-hand items are characterized because their prices are lower and sometimes the quality is lost. Therefore, we must take into account the warranty of the Smartphone looking at what year was released to know if there is still a guarantee.

Have a purchase ticket

When buying a used smartphone you have to save the purchase ticket to ensure that the phone is legal, and indicate whether or not it is under warranty. In addition, the invoice lets you know if the terminal is free or not, if it is subject to a contract.

Be sure it is not a stolen phone

Another big doubt is the smart phone is stolen or not. In iPhone cases it is easy to know since Apple the Activation Lock that informs if an Apple device is blocked simply by entering its IMEI code or serial number. If your phone is Android, you can try International Numbering Plans, a page that collects stolen IMEI numbers.

How is payment made?

To take into account that any scam for an amount less than € 300 is not considered a crime, but is missing. Before buying, it requires as many photos and videos as possible, from all angles.

If the purchase is made through the Internet it avoids the payment in advance. If there is evidence that you have paid, use a means where you can verify that a payment has been made, such as a bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit card or PayPal that allows you to recover the money in case of fraud.