Visuals are essential on Social Media Marketing Services. In fact, I would say that they are the key to your success. In large companies, we often find graphic designers, design teams, videos, editors … But you are this case?

Use free tools to create your images for social networks. Which makes your life easier and allows you to create beautiful visuals adapted to the dimensions of each network? The big advantage? No skill is required, just good taste! There is a paid option, but the FREE version is more than enough to start. Do not forget to add a call to action on your images to make them more effective. Also make sure that each shortcut link you use is traceable so that you can measure your results.

  1. Stocks of photos

Speaking of design, do not forget stock photos when you prepare your publications. You will need a lot if you publish daily on multiple networks, since you need a new image for each publication.

Trademarks must avoid “borrowing” photos on Google at all costs, as this is a copyright infringement and could because you trouble – especially if you are a big brand and your communications are very visible. Stock photos are licensed and can be used as many times as desired once you have purchased them. There is no need to spend a fortune on a subscription. There are free stock photos available on websites such as Unsplash and Life of Pix.

My top 7 sites for free photos are here. I suggest that you build a library of free photos (at least a hundred) in which you can go digging whenever necessary.

  1. Free directories.

I’ve seen a lot of big companies spend a lot of money on advertising, but completely miss the basics. One should never underestimate the power of free directories (if they are of quality).

Let’s say you represent a coffee shop in Cyprus, and you want to be sure to be visible on all directories in the country and specifically in your area. In general, you will be able to mention on the directories your name, your phone and your website, as well as your address. So do it! Free directories also help your SEO, and support your efforts on social networks.
Be careful to list and follow all the links, to be able to show that the results obtained come from your efforts! An example of a directory for Cyprus is, shown below.

  1. Do some research?

If you do not target your (even small) expenses on the right places, then you are just throwing money in the hope that it will yield results. Use free tools like Follower wonk for Twitter to investigate your audience and followers. Find out who they are, when they tweet, and what interests them. Go even further in your search, and try a free survey like those available on Type form. Surveys, when done well, are a solid base of information for your future spending and your efforts on social networks.

  1. Highlight Face book posts.

It is possible to reach a very large audience with a small budget, using Face book advertising and highlighting publications. For the highlights, success depends mainly on the quality of the publication, the image that accompanies it, and the chosen target. For example, I recently put forward a publication aimed at finance professionals in the English market. The publication itself before a local image, an interesting message, and a link to a specific web page for the local market. The publication was targeted at a specific area of ​​London, intended for older users interested in investing. The publication received 300 likes, 89 shares, and 208 more shares from the web page.

It’s important to highlight the right publications and use audience targeting to get the most out of the money spent. In the same way, using Face book ads well, $ 1 a day for a few weeks can get you thousands of new fans. Having a budget does not mean that you do not have to work intelligently with texts, titles; content … it’s always necessary. No budget will make people want to share uninteresting content!

  1. Sharing buttons.

If your B2B Company’s website or blog does not have share buttons, then you’re really missing out on a free and effective tool to get your message across! If you use Word Press, there are tons of plug-in for social sharing, because they offer a free package and a pro package according to your needs. If you do not have social sharing on your blog, the free version is enough to start. Link your blog to your social networks using traceable links, and watch the sharing increase!

You can also take a look at “Flare” ( which is an excellent sharing plug-in: very fast to load and offers a global sharing counter. This is also the share plug-in that you can see on our blog.

  1. Circulate your content.

Good content goes hand in hand with social networks, so you need to make sure you use their power to the fullest. Use free tools like Buffer to plan the sharing of your articles, and repeat the publications at different times and different days to cover all time zones. You can also post your content and links to sites like Reedit that encourage content sharing and virility. In fact, every single content you produce should be broadcast as much as possible via social media with different images, titles and calls to action. Use free tools as much as possible to circulate your content and create buzz around your brand.

Take advantage of the moment when you will see your boss with a smile to show him the great results and suggest increasing your social media budget! I would love to hear your experiences, tell them in the comments reviews