With the increasing growth of numerous mobile devices that comprise of smart phones and tablets, it is quite essential for any company to have a business website that is mobile friendly and easy to access from anywhere in the world. This helps your clients and prospects to access and browse through important information with any type of device like phone, tablet, desktop, etc. More than 58 percent of American adults own a smartphone and almost 55 percent of all the website traffic is obtained from these devices.

1- Mobile usage is on the rise:

Web Design Company Mumbai understands that mobile devices are taking over the internet world and there is a need for every company to be flexible enough to have presence through a device. Every passing month, the rate of mobile usage is growing which means your website has much higher chance of attracting customers if you are present in the mobile devices through your flexible website. With poor interaction experience, your website is likely to have a lower brand worth among your visitors. This will result in your customers jumping on to your competitor’s website with better experience.

2-E-commerce website:

People, now more than ever are placing trust on online shopping websites. Online shopping options provide you ease of access while multitasking. You can be at your workplace and buy that cute dress you have always wanted. Web Design Company Mumbai helps build e-commerce websites that have fast loading speed with clear navigation and good design.

3-Social Media presence:

Web Design Company Mumbai always ensures that your website is teamed up with a social media share option to enable visitors to share your content over social media. Say for example, you provide post production services for video production such as editing, sound recording and so on. Now, if a user loves your editing skills present in the videos you have uploaded in your website, he/she will definitely share it over his social media account. A large number of people get to see your speciality and thus visit your site to know more about your business.

4- Responsive sites contribute to higher SEO rankings:

Google provides higher ranking in search engine algorithms to websites that have a single URL for both mobile website as well as desktop versions. Websites using different URLs for mobile and desktop version, generally rank lower.

To top it, mobile phones have a separate Google search algorithm. This means that your desktop rankings are different from your mobile based rankings. This is evident from the fact that it has been surveyed that mobile related searches is likely to overtake desktop related searches in the upcoming years.

5-Responsive design for multiple devices:

When you opt for website deisgning, you website should be designed to look great on any device of any screen size. Responsive web designs help encapsulate your business, not just to smartphones but also to the future of web search like smart watches, or any other similar device that is in the way towards development.