You are about to enter college? Buy a copier.

While most teenagers and young adults these days would ask for cars and expensive gadgets from their parents before entering college, one who really wants to study well, finish college education on time, and ace his or her exams, should invest on a multi-function copier. This sounds a bit boring but hear us out.

Some law and medical students who are about to graduate would agree that a copier is one thing they should have thought of investing on. With the huge quantities of pages they need to read, and the sheer volume of books they have to master, a photocopier of your own would have really been a big help. In this article, we’re going to look closely on some more reasons why a student who is serious about learning wisely should invest on a copier.

Speed and Convenience

If you need to print out something for school, chances are, hundreds of other students like you would also need the same copies. If you don’t want to wait in long lines to get some reading materials printed and reproduced in shops providing these services, the only solution is to have your own copier

If you do, you won’t need to spend extra hours in school. Once the digital files are with you, you can leave school and have them printed at home. If there are additional materials you need to read, you can just have these files sent to you and you can instantly print them at home.

It’s a healthier option

Rather than reading from the computer, it’s healthier to have your study materials printed out so you can a physical document that you can read. Much has been said about why paper files are better than e-documents. The negative health effects of looking at the screen for a long time is one of the major concerns. It causes computer vision syndrome that you can save yourself from if you read paper documents and books rather than digital files from the computer or tablet.

Ability to print in large quantities

Law and medical students can relate to this. You cannot find most legal and medical updates from published books or from the internet. They are given by law and medical school professors. These updates are then reproduced for students’ consumption.

It’s also the same in almost all fields of study. If you have your own photocopier, you just need to get hold of the digital copy of these voluminous updates and print them out at home. Having your own multi-function copier would also be of huge help for class reporting where you need to produce copies of your report to your classmates and instructor.

Helpful for group projects and activities

As long as you’re studying in an academic institution along with other students, you will always need to take part in group projects and activities. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reproduce copies of documents for your group members? This will make your discussions and meetings easier, rather than having them read your forwarded digital documents from their phones and other gadgets.

Investing on a multi-functional copier might sound too much for a student like you. But it will help  a lot all throughout your four or more years of pursuing higher education. If you don’t want to experience the same inconvenience that other students deal with – dependence on shops that offer copying services and extra time spent in school just to copy hundreds of pages of library books and reading materials, you better invest on your own printing and copying equipment.