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Designing Mobile Apps: The Easy Way

Structuring a portable application needs an extreme drudge, difficult work, professional knowledge on coding and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This might be true a couple of years ago. The situation has fully changed, and simple ways are developed which are quick to supply a lot of convenient choices to developers. They don’t need to keep in mind all coding nor do they need to implement strong technical knowledge for developing an application. You decide your framework for designing a mobile application and the whole thing gets so easy.

What is a framework?

A framework is nothing but a computer code library for preparing the platform for designing an application. With the utilization of frameworks, you’ll style your application simply. Here are a number of the most effective choices for your applications.

If you are going to design an android app, here are the best frameworks that you can use.


PhoneGap is specially designed for hybrid applications. With this, you’ll apply your web development skills to prepare an application based on hypertext mark-up language, CSS, and JavaScript. With this framework, you’ll create experiences for multiple devices. This framework comes up with real advantages since you’ll style application for all no matter what devices they use.

There are some smart options that you simply cannot ignore for this framework. You’ll be able to develop an app without the command line. You can see the changes directly when implementing it. There is an enormous library for plugins that assist you to style a profitable application simply.

Corona SDK:

Corona SDK is a cross-platform framework and helps you style applications for multiple platforms and devices. This implies that you can design an application once and publish the app for any platform. It undoubtedly boosts your mobile app development method and it permits you to do a lot of things that you simply cannot expect on alternative platforms. You’ll update codes, save changes, and examine results instantly on Corona SDK. The advantages that this framework offers to you are various plugins, frameworks for coming up with light-weight and quick applications, and one codebase application for multiple platforms. Mobile development has continuously come up with a number of challenges. If you’ve got the technical concepts, you can simply solve them with this framework.


This is also a popular framework for your mobile application. This helps you style native applications for android, iOS, and windows. The codebase of this framework is C# and it’s compatible with all platforms. You can save your time for popular applications.

Sencha Touch 2:

Sencha Touch 2 is the favored alternative for many android app developers. It facilitates developers to layout utility with rich UI experience. This is also a cross-platform framework based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Some built-in features of this framework are superb that include fluid animation, clean scrolling, and adaptive layout design. The advantages of using this framework are pretty long. You can have high-performance, native-searching UI widgets, adaptive layouts, backend agnostic data, and advanced cellular chatting.


If you’re an expert in a growing JavaScript codebase, this is the framework that you need to use. You will get immediate access to local APIs with Hyperloop. You can write codes in JavaScript and this framework allows you to run it on all other platforms. You will even get a mobile testing facility.

JQuery Mobile:

It is an HTML5 based framework that’s designed for developing responsive websites and mobile applications for all devices. It depends on-write less and do more factor. You’ll design an application that runs on different platforms. It allows you to style high-branded responsive applications that run flawlessly and smoothly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop platforms.


You also get the features of LiveDeploy that help developers in code updates, A/B testing, content changes and more. There are tons of features this framework generally offers, including UI components, themes, animations, and codes.

So, these are the frameworks that basically assist you to make a far better application within a really short span of your time. To use these tools, you do not need to be an expert in app development. Basic knowledge is enough for using these frameworks. If you’re seeking a complicated option for your app development, hire a corporation that has been serving satisfactory and quality services to clients. this is often the simplest option once you want to make your app unique.

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