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How to Build a Competent Software Development Team 

The preliminary requirement for the successful completion of any project is to build a qualified and competent team. Software development projects need a team of experienced IT professionals with diverse expertise in their respective fields. 

Competent software development teams are composed of product managers, designers, developers, and SQA engineers. You must ensure that all your team members possess the desired expertise and skills to meet the client’s expectations. You can also acquire IT outsourcing services from reliable firms to augment your software development teams. Besides, regular interaction with your team is also necessary to accomplish the desired objectives. 

This article presents a 4-step process to build a competent software development team. 

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Step 1: Define the Kind of Team

First of all, you need to understand your project requirements and build the kind of team accordingly. There are three main categories of software development teams: Generalists, specialists, and hybrid. 

Generalists possess diverse knowledge and expertise and can effectively handle end-to-end solutions. Specialists are highly skilled and experienced professionals like that of Khired Networks who are capable of addressing complex problems using their advanced knowledge and expertise. A hybrid team comprises both generalists and specialists. 

Your choice of a particular team depends on the complexity of the development project and the desired expertise. 

Step 2: Define the Size of Team 

Once you have defined the kind of team required, the next step is to decide its size. Four factors need to be considered while establishing the size of your team: Project complexity, available resources, budget, and deadline. 

Ideally, an ideal software development team consists of 3-9 members, but the size may vary according to the project type and desired outcomes. You can then acquire cost-efficient outsourcing services as per your project requirements and desired outcomes. 

Step 3: Establish Team Roles 

In the next step, you need to establish the roles and goals of each team member to ensure smooth communication and achieve desired objectives.  

A product owner is responsible for checking the product as an end-user, while the project manager leads the whole team. Similarly, a software architect makes high-level design choices and sets technical standards to be used.  

Developers from reliable BPO outsourcing agencies employ advanced software development tools and techniques while designers make the product pleasant to use. QA testers check product quality and ensure that the software is ready to use. 

Step 4: Adopt Agile 

Lastly, using an agile approach allows your team to identify potential problems that might negatively impact the development process. Two agile methodologies are commonly used in software development: Kanban and Scrum. 

Moreover, effective communication along with advanced technology can help your team deliver high-quality products and meet the client’s requirements. 

The Take-Away 

The above discussion presented a brief overview of the process that can be used to build qualified, skilled, and competent teams in software development. 

For this purpose, you need to understand your project requirements and define your team type and size. Next, establish team roles and finally, adopt an agile approach. 

You may also hire skilled software development teams from reliable business outsourcing services providers like Khired Networks to fulfill your organizational needs and accomplish your desired objectives. 


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