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DevOps Team Culture

How to Build a DevOps Team Culture Where You Want to Work In 


Establishing a collaborative and progressive team culture is crucial to corporate growth and development. In DevOps team culture, functional silos and competing interests are replaced by collaboration and communication that allow companies to develop and release software faster and more reliably.

However, you cannot get the most out of DevOps services unless you establish the right DevOps team culture.  To make your development and operations teams work together, you must share a common vision and facilitate seamless communication to lay the foundation of a beneficial DevOps culture. 

This article explains key tips to build a DevOps team culture. 


Transform Organizational Structure 


Building an effective DevOps culture demands that all employees support the organizational change irrespective of their role or designation. Having your workforce on board; from top to bottom, is essential to attaint DevOps. 

DevOps Team Culture

Similarly, kicking off the executive-level buy-in and sponsorship right from the start is the primary requirement of building a DevOps culture. Organizational leaders need to support the change, promote knowledge sharing, monitor process automation, and encourage innovation. The participation of your workforce will eventually nurture your DevOps culture and enable junior employees to learn more from their seniors. 


Firmly Understand CI/CD 


A firm understanding of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) implementation is essential to achieve DevOps. Being one of the key elements of DevOps, CI/CD methodology helps developers automate deployments and release products fast. 

For this purpose, start by evaluating your organizational processes and identify inefficiencies caused by manual processes in SDLC. Based on your findings, make changes relevant to CI/CD to improve your software development flow and delivery. Consistently monitor the implementation of CI/CD practices across all the departments and make sure the implementation process aligns with your desired goals and objectives.  


Proving Necessary Training 


Your development and operations teams might have basic knowledge of DevOps, learning advanced skills is essential to create a collaborative DevOps culture. DevOps teams having the right mindset and skillset can ensure better results. 

It is, therefore, essential that you provide your staff members with the necessary training on implementing DevOps practices. Make sure your workforce fully understands DevOps and possesses hands-on experience with modern DevOps tools and technologies. Getting help from professional trainers with significant background experience would be more beneficial. 


Encourage Automation 


Worldwide companies are gradually automating their operations by employing modern technologies. Automation reduces the risk of human error and saves your time, energy, and resources. 


Hence, seek advice from renowned consultants and automate every operation of your company. Even if you face challenges while deploying your software, you can solve the problem by redeploying the previous version. Nevertheless, always prioritize security and governance in your automation. Replace your deployments with automated tests including functional and non-functional tests. 


Adopt an Agile Approach 


Practicing CI along with an agile approach to software development is key to building a successful and collaborative DevOps team culture at your organization. Create a software development flow that simplifies coding and implements long-lived feature branches. 

Similarly, keep all your non-secret parameters in source control management. Your deployments should be facilities so that your software or infrastructure could be updated automatically. 


Final Words 

While DevOps practices can ensure the fast release of high-quality software, they are very complex and sometimes difficult to implement. Achieving DevOps without building a collaborative team culture or recognizing complexity is impossible. 

Hence, to build a DevOps team culture, you should first transform your organizational structure, firmly understand CI/CD, train your workforce, encourage automation, and adopt an agile approach to software development. 

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