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Top 5 Countries for Outsourcing Multilingual Call Centers 

Working with an overseas call center company is a challenging and risk approach. Outsourcing your customer services to a third party can have serious financial and reputational consequences. But the good news is that plenty of options are available for entrepreneurs for call center outsourcing services depending on their business needs. With the advent of the post-pandemic era, outsourced call centers have redefined how to delight your customers. From making things smoother and faster to helping organizations overcome economic losses, call center outsourcing contributes a lot to corporate growth and development.

If you looking to outsource a multilingual call center, here are the top five countries you must consider. 


The most important factor companies should contemplate while selecting the right country for call center outsourcing is its workforce’s skills. Call center professionals need to handle consumer relationships that require excellent communication, persuasion, and analytical skills. 

Pakistan possesses one of the world’s largest English-speaking populations. With a large number of foreign qualified professionals, Pakistan’s workforce is highly talented, hardworking, and committed to its work. The bonus point: labor rates are relatively lower. That means you can hire talented call center professionals remotely without stretching your budget limits. 


Another great country to outsource call center operations is the Philippines. The country has a 98.18% educated population with a neutral accent. Over the years, the Philippines government has taken key initiatives to transform its outsourcing industry and invite renowned brands to outsource their call center operations. 

Like in Pakistan, the cost of living is relatively low in the Philippines that allows companies to save 60 to 80% of operational expenses. English is a compulsory subject from school to university. Hence, companies from developed countries can hire skilled call center agents from the Philippines remotely to improve their consumer experiences and achieve corporate excellence. 


While China is known for its global dominance in industrial production. But the country has a widespread network of high-speed communication systems that gives it a competitive edge over its neighbors. Moreover, a large number of Chinese young people are now learning multiple languages including English. 

Chinese call center outsourcing companies are equipped with high-tech facilities and modern infrastructure. They not only provide highly talented call center agents remotely but also offer scalability for potential business partners. Similarly, the prices are not very high as compared to those in Europe and other developed regions. 


Japan tops the list of countries that have shown unprecedented economic growth and development in a short time. Japanese people are very educated, hardworking, and committed to their tasks. Driven by excellence in the field of technical education, Japanese workforces are the best in the world in every field. 

Therefore, Japan is a highly recommended country for outsourcing call centers. Not only English but Japanese-speaking agents can be hired from Japan with top-of-the-line inbound and outbound service. Japanese people are also quick learners, hence you can train your remote call center agents and boost productivity in no time. 


Fiji is relatively a new kid rapidly emerging in the global call center outsourcing industry. Known for their friendly culture and politeness, the Fijians love treating customers with respect, dignity, and honor. If you want to delight your consumer base without bearing any additional liabilities, outsourcing your call center operations to Fiji. 

The Fijian call center agents have a natural aptitude for customer services. Their excellent communication skills coupled with an empathetic approach make them the best fit for call center outsourcing. You do not only see professionalism in their dealings but also reduce your expenses since outsourcing rates in Fiji are very reasonable. 


Call center outsourcing is a cost-effective method of lead generation and business development in today’s digital age. Providing impeccable customer service has become imminent amid this global health crisis. Companies suffering from an economic recession can over their financial losses by outsourcing their call center operations to a top-rated country. 

Based on their track record, workforce skills, political stability, economic outlook, and IT facilities, this article enlisted the 5 best countries for call center outsourcing. These include Pakistan, the Philippines, China, Japan, and Fiji. 

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