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Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social media mogul. Its reign is still strong, even after so many years. Approximately 900 million users log into their accounts every day. With such a large crowd present on it, it makes for it to be a great marketing tool. It allows you to reach new audiences, promote your brand and generate revenue.

But you can’t just start marketing on Facebook without any prior knowledge and a road map in mind. You have to come up with a strategy in order to carry out effective marketing on Facebook. Also, it might seem easy in your mind but every platform functions differently and comes with its own set of ground rules.

What can help you? We know what. A navigational guide educating you about the right and wrong moves when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool. It will help in optimizing your potential for marketing on this platform. We can help you declutter your Facebook and finally start getting positive results of all your efforts.

Keep reading to get to know the do and don’ts of Facebook Marketing common for all sectors of the industry. Be it Facebook marketing for real estate agents or for a cosmetics brand, these tips can work for all. We hope these are helpful and informative, let’s continue.

What to do and what to not?

You want to be easily recognizable by people. Your display picture is a prominent source of identification on social media. It is present at the top of your page and accompanies all your posts in the form of a thumbnail. You want it to be something that people should remember and connect with. In this scenario, it is best to use your company logo as your display picture. This will help people to associate with your brand.

Don’t leave an empty about me

About me section allows you to tell customers about yourself. A basic introduction about your brand, your values, and what you can give to the community. It is one of the first things a user will notice when they arrive on your page. And it is your duty to make sure that the first impression they have is a good one and not a blank section. It is a great opportunity to give your brand a perfect introduction.

To communicate with your audience

If you have to be the conversation initiator, then be it. But it is very important that you establish communication between you and your followers. You can do it by posting content that your audience can relate with, something that speaks to them. It should also be engaging, the kind of post that encourages them to reply and interact with you.

Don’t post too much

Yes, it may sound weird but don’t post a lot. It can easily fall into the category of being too much. Much more than your followers would appreciate. You should focus on creating high-quality content. Content that is sure to excite your customers as well as bring you more followers. Believe us when we say this, quality is always better than quantity. Let them anticipate your new posts. Post enough that you never escape the user’s mind but not too much that they get sick of you.


Do post at the optimal time

Pick out the strategic time for posting your content on Facebook. Use your insights to identify the best timing as it can vary across page and audience. Find the time with the best clickthrough and share rates. More people will be seeing your posts if you share them at the right time. You will get a lot more interactions on your post if you keep this factor in mind while posting.


Don’t be lazy to response

Whenever there is a comment, feedback or any sort of interaction be sure to respond to it as soon as possible. Humans can be pretty impatient by nature and you don’t want to test your followers. Be it negative or positive it is better that you always tell them your side of the story instead of leaving them in a position of anger and confusion. According to research, 42% of consumers who complain on social media platforms want a response in 60 minutes before they annoyance kicks in.


Do consider boosting posts

Some posts are more important than others and have a higher chance of impacting your customers in comparison with your other posts. It is a good option to boost such posts as it makes them visible to a larger audience. For this purpose, you can use the Facebook boost tool. Pick the option which fits in with your budgeting needs.



Facebook is big. It has lots of monthly users and so many brands have already made their place on it, efficiently using it to their advantage. It can help you to target a much larger audience that can help you in getting potential leads. More leads mean more business coming to you.

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