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5 Major Types of Call Centers for Businesses

Digital transformation is gradually overcoming every aspect of our lives. Companies have to take different measures to stay ahead of their competitors and accomplish their desired objectives. For this purpose, providing impeccable customer service is crucial for corporate growth and development. 

Most of the managers today consider customer support an essential part of organizational success. Hence, they establish in-house or hire call center outsourcing companies to provide round-the-clock customer services and build their brand image. However, before you start, you need to understand different types of call centers and choose the best one that is beneficial for your business. 

Given below are five major types of call centers according to their roles. 

Inbound Call Centers

Suppose one of your clients is having difficulty using your product or service and wants urgent help, what should he or she do? There must be a platform where clients can interact with your company’s representatives at any time and solve their queries. This is what an inbound call center all about. 

An inbound call center has a team of qualified call center agents who assist customers round-the-clock and solve their problems 24/7. Clients can call on a toll-free number anytime and ask questions relevant to their issues. This way, they can get instant help and solve their issues anytime anywhere. 

Outbound Call Centers

An outbound call center is the opposite of an inbound call center. Outbound call center agents work as sales representatives of their company rather than customer service representatives. They call potential or existing customers across diverse locations and inform them about new products or services, promotions, or exclusive discount offers. 

Additionally, outbound call centers also work for brand promotion and consumer relationship management. Call center professionals also make welcome calls to new customers and collect data for surveys from existing customers. 

Virtual Call Centers

In recent years, virtual or cloud-based call centers have become much popular. Empowered by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and modern facilities, they combine the services of inbound and outbound call centers. Besides, they can be set up anywhere and do not require specific programming skills or expertise. You can operate virtual call centers by using your laptop and connecting it to the internet. 

Owner-based Call Centers

Based on their ownership, call centers are further divided into two types: 

In-house Call Center 

An in-house call center is established, managed, and owned by the company itself. All tasks of in-house call centers are administered by the firm’s staff. These types of call centers are preferred by SMEs with limited scope and are a bit expensive. 

Outsourced Call Centers 

On the other hand, outsourced call centers are used by large and well-established firms that cannot handle a large volume of calls coming from a broad consumer base. These call centers are economical and enables enterprises to gain access to advanced skills and expertise. 

Omnichannel Call Centers

Omnichannel call centers offer professional customer care services to a large population across multiple communication channels including phone, emails, and social media, etc. By combining a firm’s multichannel communication efforts, omnichannel call centers advance customer support to the next level and unify personalized services into a single unit. 

Although omnichannel call centers are a little expensive, they provide customers with a truly customized experience. 


Over the years, businesses have realized the importance of impeccable customer services for corporate growth and development. Hence, they have started establishing in-house call centers or hiring outsourced call centers from trusted outsourcing agencies. Competent call center outsourcing agencies like Khired Networks are helping enterprises expand their consumer base and generate organic leads for years. 

Do you want to provide impeccable support to your customers? Visit www.khired.com/callcenter-services/ and hire qualified call center agents remotely at unbeatable rates. 

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