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Top 5 Reasons Why DevOps is Necessary


There has been a growing demand for remote resources amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are partnering with third-party agencies to reduce their project execution time and ensure business continuity despite lockdown. 


Over the years, process optimization has become a critical part of the software product development lifecycle. IT firms are adopting DevOps practices to make software development safer, faster, and smoother. With the advent of the post-pandemic era, the trend of hiring DevOps services is becoming more and more popular. 


Here are five reasons that make DevOps essential for corporate growth. 


Reduced Expenses and Risks 


In-house DevOps teams mostly apply the trial and error method, which requires additional time and resources. When a project is beyond the staff’s expertise, the company might suffer from unrecoverable financial and reputational losses. 


On the other hand, remote DevOps engineers utilize their skills and expertise to complete a project within a predefined period and resources. DevOps teams are experienced in completing multiple projects for different sectors. They can foresee potential risks and take practical steps to mitigate the problems before the damage has occurred. 


Access to a Wide Talent Pool 


DevOps agencies follow a well-planned, systematic, and established recruitment process, which is purely based on merit, and select DevOps professionals based on their skills. Companies looking to hire remote DevOps engineers are given access to a wide talent pool of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals. 


Hence, you can recruit DevOps engineers with your desired skills and expertise without wasting time on training and development. Besides, you do not need any time to achieve perfection because DevOps engineers are already versatile. This way, DevOps helps companies hire talented DevOps engineers without bearing the liabilities of full-time resources. 


Faster Product Delivery 


Companies that breathe DevOps culture mostly rely on DevOps experts who collaborate with other IT professionals and work together to solve problems. Remote DevOps engineers integrated with in-house teams are cross-functional, multitasking, and highly productive. 

Integrating remote and in-house DevOps professionals forms a well-coordinated and experienced team, which improved software quality, shortens the software development cycle, and speeds up the delivery of the final product.  


Improved Customer Experiences 


Irrespective of the coronavirus restrictions and lockdown, customers demand timely completion of their projects without compromising on their quality. This can only be possible by streamlining organizational operations and operating round-the-clock without interruption. 

DevOps services help companies ensure business continuity and timely completion of assigned tasks on time. Remote DevOps engineers work in different time zones that allow IT firms to operate 24/7 and improve their customer experiences. 


Higher Productivity 


DevOps teams play a key role in increasing organizational productivity and boosting corporate growth. The combined efforts of remote DevOps engineers and in-house IT professionals help companies timely complete their ongoing projects without getting affected by the lockdown. 


Developer gets access to better tools and technologies that ensure timely identification of bugs and mitigation of flaws in the code. Consequently, companies can achieve corporate excellence and cement their long-term competitive edge. 




DevOps is a cost-effective approach to boost corporate growth and streamline organizational operations. Hiring qualified DevOps engineers from trusted staff augmentation agencies like Khired Networks with comprehensive experience enables enterprise leaders to improve their product quality and reduce software delivery time. The process enables IT firms to ensure business continuity amid the lockdown and overcome the financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The trend of hiring DevOps teams has become popular during this global health crisis. Visit https://khired.com/services/devops/  to hire dedicated DevOps engineers with your desired skills and expertise and achieve corporate excellence.

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