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Is Windows 10 Pro Worth It?

If you’re a fanatical person, you’ll be trying to find the simplest OS for your computer. Today, you’ll choose between different operating systems, like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 10 Pro. If you have already got Windows 10, you’ll be thinking of upgrading to the professional version. Let’s determine if it’s worth getting Windows 10 Pro. Read on to understand more.


Most PC users who build a PC choose from the professional or Home version of the OS. Most of the people just don’t care about the choice and choose a version that’s easily available to them.


On the opposite hand, some users can’t just make a random selection. If you’re like these users, we propose that you simply consider upgrading your OS.


So, do you have to choose this upgrade?


You need to think about tons of things. First of all, you ought to consider your budget. If you would like to upgrade directly through Microsoft, you ought to be able to spend $199.99. For a mean user, Windows 10 Home can meet all the requirements. Therefore, they do not get to choose an upgrade.


Generally, the professional version is meant for business users especially. The rationale is that it comes with tons of features that are quite useful for business users. Let’s take a glance at a number of them.


Connect to your domain: Windows 10 Pro allows you to hook up with your school or business Domain to access network printers, servers, and other files.


Better encryption: The BitLocker offers additional security to guard your data with security management and encryption.


Remote login: With Windows 10 Pro, you’ll use Remote Desktop to log in to your PC even once you are faraway from your computer.


Virtual machines: The professional version allows you to use virtual machines using the Hyper-V feature. Therefore, you’ll run multiple operating systems on your PC.


Store apps: If you upgrade, you’ll create a personal app space within the Store so you’ll access company apps during a convenient manner.


At Microsoft, you’ll determine more about the list of features the remake offers. Apart from the features listed above, you’ll also enjoy support for other stuff, like Remote Desktop, which is important for Remote Desktop app. Apart from this, Windows 10 Pro offers support for up to 2TB of RAM unlike the house version which can’t support quite 128GB of RAM.


At the end of the day, it’s your decision to form. However, if you would like a selected feature, like remote desktop, you’ll achieve this purpose without spending 100 dollars.


The takeaway briefly is, if you’re a business user and you need the features offered by Windows 10 Pro, we propose that you simply choose the upgraded version. On the opposite hand, if you’ve got a computer that’s used for basic tasks, we propose that you simply persist with your existing version of Windows.

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